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Celebrating 23 years aboard Jolly Pirates!

Girl doing a backflip off of the ship

Sailing and Snorkeling are the best things to do in Aruba Jolly Pirates, well known for infectious fun during sail and snorkel cruises, has long been a favorite activity of guests on Aruba. Word-of-mouth approval has translated into online praise, and each year has brought Jolly Pirates and its crew recognition from the world’s largest…

Couple Overboard in Love! Take the Plunge with Jolly Pirates


Boca Catalina Jolly Pirates proved the perfect wedding reception venue for Sabrina and Sasha. From the moment guests stepped aboard the gleaming teak decks of the 85-foot schooner they realized Aruba’s magnificent coastline and the Caribbean Sea could not be a more ideal setting. Guests were all aboard for a magical Aruba wedding and agreed…

Jolly Pirates guests support a greener Aruba

a hand holding a glass of water

Aruba’s tourists make a difference with the “Carry Your Cup” pledge Malmok Jolly Pirates proves eco-friendly with its invitation to its guests to participate in a #Carryyourcup Campaign. It’s a simple concept. Help to reduce plastic waste by taking the #carryyourcup pledge. Bring your own cup or purchase a $2 Jolly Pirate reusable BPA-free option…