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There’s a Grub and Grog Party on Deck, Mateys!

Prepare to set sail on the Jolly Pirates’ newest cruising Adventure. 

Join us on our twin teak schooners, where you can play like a pirate on a Grub & Grog Sundown Evening Cruise, exclusively designed for Adults and filled with cool tunes from DJ Golden that will keep your feet tapping and your booties shaking too! 🎶

As the sun sets, our crew takes center stage, and we’re not just talking about any crew – we’re frigging with the rigging!

When we’re not dancing, we’ll be swinging from the yard arm, and you can make a splash off the Rope Swing too!

There’s a bar that’s open wide – unlimited libations, Mateys! 🍻

Our expert crew will be circulating the teak decks, serving up a tasty dinner and cocktails.

The menu? Colossal turkey legs so tender the meat falls off the bone, paired with creamy mac and cheese that’s a match made in pirate heaven. And as for dessert, a sweet treat awaits you.

Aruba trade winds snap our sails to life while you soak in the sights of Aruba’s famed seascape, with twinkling hotel lights along the shore that’ll leave you spellbound.

Now’s the time to Kick up your heels and let’s get this party started because, my friends, there’s no party quite like a Jolly Pirates Deck party.

Gather your crew, Eye patches are optional – you’ll want to see and experience it all! 🌅🏴‍☠️🍻

Join us on the Grub and Grog Sundown Cruise from 5:30 to 8:30 pm.

It’s a starry night you won’t want to miss! 🌅🍻🦜🏴‍☠️

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