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a person sitting on top of a wooden boat in the water

Who could have predicted we would be having so much fun after twenty four years? 

Jolly Pirates was first founded in 1997 on the concept of light-hearted cruises, but truly has become so much more to me.  As a matter of fact, the entire team at Jolly Pirates share a similar sentimentality, remaining grateful for this unexpected reward of the countless friendships made over years sailing together in the sunshine along Aruba’s picturesque seas.

Cheery and cheeky adventures become almost secondary to the feel good sentiments established by the countless friendships that all of our team enjoy with all of you.  Each day we look forward to welcoming familiar smiling faces and greeting so many new friends too.  You should know that its been our great pleasure to watch your children grow and to share in your special days of birthdays, weddings, proposals and more.  

You could say that your memories have become a part of ours.  Your endearing stories are often retold by long-time, dedicated crew members like Javier, Julio and Ron.  Collectively, most of our families have also greeted you, jumped or swam with you and served you at some point. For us, Jolly Pirates cruises have become a fun, family affair.  Many of you have watched my own son Tyler, grow up.  Since a toddler, Tyler has welcomed most of you with a smile, answered your call, snapped photos of you or with you and has given you a hand as part of our amazing crew on the deck.

Our anniversary is a milestone I am marking with tremendous appreciation for everyone – past and present crew members, our families and our 1,000,000 guests — who have crossed over our teak decks. By sharing in exceptionally joyful experiences together on the Jolly Pirates’ schooners, lifelong memories have taken root.

These friendships have gotten us through both smooth-sailing times as well as the recent unusual circumstances, so this 24th year is particularly special for us!  Thank you! We intend to keep it going, and build upon already well-established stories and sail into even more Jolly times, sharing smiles and laughs among old and new friends.

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