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Snorkel Sites


Equipped with mask, snorkel, and fins, float effortlessly and feel like you’re in a different world.

From the moment you enter the calm waters along Malmok Beach, beginner and advanced snorkelers enjoy this turquoise imbued paradise, well known for its crystal clear shallow snorkel areas.

Fascinating sea critters play in and around the impressive rock formations that comprise most of the shoreline in Aruba. Multi-colored residents of the tranquil world will curiously greet you, all in their colorful digs. Besides the interesting topography and the oodles and oodles of colorful fish species, discover masses of energetic silverside and triggerfish, yellow tangs, spotted pufferfish, the vibrant queenfish, and groupers, all of whom have found a safe habitat at Malmok’s shoreline.

Jolly Pirates guests can hang with schools of tropical fish and countless starfish species, sea urchins, and crustaceans too. There’s a popular shoal of cool locals here which frequent the shallows. Who knows, you might even be lucky enough to swim alongside a sea turtle.


Aruba visitors are wowed as the Jolly Pirates schooners sail to the peaceful area at Boca Catalina.

Dotted with lovely beachfront homes on the picturesque northeast side of Aruba, the calm, pristine shore of this white sandy beach is perfect for swimming. But there’s so much more to discover at Boca Catalina, truly a beginner snorkeler’s dream. The protected coves offer clear visibility at comfortable depths, ideal for both advanced and beginner snorkelers.

Swim over underwater seascapes of colorful sergeant – major damselfish and groupers which congregate amid a varied array of flora and fauna. Multi-colored tropical fish dart in and out of these coral reefs bursting with colorful sea life. Look closely and view pretty angelfish grazing on sponges, blue parrotfish swimming between delicate sea fans and the yellow-striped grunts hiding, by nature – it’s their stripes which allow the fish to protect themselves as they ‘blend in,’ camouflaged against the coral.

Snap photographs with your underwater camera to capture it all and explore the elk coral, brain coral, and barrel sponges teeming with schools of deep blue tangs feeding on the corals.


Host to fascinating marine life and rich in WWII history, the SS Antilla shipwreck consistently impresses Aruba visitors.

Scuttled by its own captain and crew at the onset of WWII, the 400-foot Antilla rests gently on her port side on the ocean floor in only 60 feet of turquoise water.

So close in proximity to the coastal area in Aruba, this sunken treasure has become a dream site, fascinating novice snorkelers and experienced divers alike. You will discover just below the sea’s surface magnificent marine life, brain corals, sea fans, and sponges. Under the watchful eyes of the crew, snorkelers can swim over the extraordinary coral-encrusted shipwreck Antilla, which sits just below the surface and marvel at the hundreds of species of fish and marine life that made the German freighter their home.

Host to fantastic under-the-sea wonders, sea turtles, and countless schools of fish and sea critters, the WWII German wreck Antilla is a must-see. The historical shipwreck Antilla is arguably the most requested snorkel site in Aruba and considered one of the Caribbean’s finest shipwreck sites.