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Dreaming of sipping your favorite drink, sailing in Aruba all while knowing you’re doing your part to make a positive enviromental impact? At Jolly Pirates Aruba, this dream is a reality with our “Trash-Free Tuesday” initiative, part of our larger “#CarryYourCup” campaign.

Trash-Free Tuesday – Setting a Course for Sustainability**: Each Tuesday, aboard an Aruba Sunset Cruise on the renowned Aruba Pirate Ship we are committed to leaving a positive environmental footprint on Aruba, with our gift of reusable cups to our guests. Reusable keepsakes are perfect for your favorite beverages and, more importantly, they symbolize your commitment to reduce the use of single-use plastics.

Get Your Hands on Reusable Pirate Treasures: For those eager to embrace the #CarryYourCup initiative and own an exclusive Jolly Pirates Aruba souvenir cup, these eco-friendly treasures are available for a mere $2 at the Jolly Pirates gift shop by the favorite high rise hotels in Aruba. While you’re there, indulge in a treasure trove of pirate-themed merchandise, including souvenir tees bundled with a reusable cool bag. However, on Tuesdays, we have a special gift in store for you – the reusable souvenir cups are bestowed upon you, reinforcing our mission to create a more environmentally-conscious Aruba.

Taking the #CarryYourCup Pledge: We extend a hearty invitation to all fellow buccaneers to pledge their commitment to #CarryYourCup, aligning with our vision for a more sustainable Aruba. By utilizing our Jolly Pirates Aruba souvenir cups, you actively contribute to the reduction of plastic waste while enjoying our all inclusive benefits: partake in our most popular Snorkeling in Aruba adventure at the best sites to snorkel in Aruba aboard the Jolly Aruba Pirate Ship, and we pledge to keep your cups full!

More Adventures with Jolly Pirates Aruba: We invite you to bring your own reusable cup or use one of ours, during all the most popular excursions in Aruba, fostering our collective efforts to safeguard pristine oceans and unspoiled beaches.

Aboard Jolly Pirates, the best thing to do in Aruba it feels good to do good with the #CarryYourCup initiative with Jolly Pirates Aruba. Together, we are charting a course towards a greener, more sustainable Aruba, one Tuesday at a time. The anchors are raised, and it’s time to safeguard the natural treasures that define our island’s allure. See you on board!

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