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Our Wedding Guests are still Talking about the Jolly Pirates

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If you’re thinking of booking the Jolly Pirate for a private event, just do it!

You won’t ever regret it! It is one of the most memorable experiences of a lifetime. Every single person in your group will be smiling and talking about it for months later.

The ship itself is unforgettable and we were looking for a memorable experience for all of our guests. Anyone can rent boat or catamaran, but we rented out a Pirate Ship!

The fun, party vibe was perfect for guests of all ages, including my 70 year old parents! Everyone loved being on the water in a Pirate Ship watching the sensational Aruban sunset. It was the perfect way to kick-off a wedding weekend!

-Michelle Cutrali and Julie Muszalski

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Photography Credit Carla Ten Eyck Photography

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