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For over 26 years, Aruba’s Jolly Pirates has graced the tourism landscape with the billowing sails of its twin schooners decorating the seascape, offering excellent sailing excursions during memorable Aruba vacations. Over the years, it has held to the winning formula of the majestic wooden ship, onboard merriment, and expert guidance for snorkeling adventures, while also seeking responsible, ‘green’ ways to enhance community efforts. While visitors can still look forward to perfecting their cannonball off the rope swing, they can also now toast to another 26 years with recyclable cups, use reusable bags to carry off their Jolly Pirates souvenir booty, and purchase fundraising “save the reefs” bracelets in support of Aruba’s Marine Park and marine protection goals.

Jolly Pirates launched its first schooner in 1997. The beautiful wooden schooner was soon complemented by a teak-decked twin, both skillfully captained by a long-time staff dedicated to entertaining growing fans of the island’s most popular sail and snorkeling Aruba cruises. Jolly Pirates later sought to further serve visitors by adding a souvenir shop. Through the years, and with all its endeavors, Jolly Pirates also carried out some really great eco-friendly initiatives.

“We worked to ensure both our schooners were not only great looking and comfortable for our guests but also that they operated cleanly. In order to reduce our carbon footprint, we installed wind generators and solar panels to help power lights and stereo as well as ensure we used less diesel fuel,” comments co-owner Harald, who is originally from Holland, and maintains the eco-conscious attitudes with which he was raised.

Co-owner and native New Englander, Carla Cavallaro also seeks to support a healthy environment. “Giving back to Aruba is easy when you consider all that the island has given me,” remarks Carla, who watched her son Tyler grow up with a love of the sea. Blessed to find a home, happiness, and business success in Aruba, she is clearly passionate about doing her part to protect the island’s treasured marine environment for the next generation.

Adding to the attraction of a Jolly Pirates’ Aruba cruise, the ship’s capable captains Julio, Ron, and Edwin are always entertaining. Guests look forward to reconnecting with their crew favorites each year. Between first-time visitors and numerous return guests, Jolly Pirates continues to ride high, driven by a long history of positive word-of-mouth and a lengthy list of rave reviews that often relate personal tales of outstanding onboard experiences.

“We want to thank our guests for making their memories part of ours. We are grateful for the support of our guests and proud of our role as members of the Aruba community for the last 26 years,” comments Team Supervisor Solange Magdelana, who, together with Carla, leads Jolly Pirates’ green initiatives. “We reserve a special thank you to everyone who participates in our reduce and reuse efforts, and who makes a donation and wears the Jolly Pirates awareness bracelets. In turn, we maintain our promise to give back to the community – with 100% of those proceeds to the Aruba Marine Park Foundation.”

Dedication to both good fun as well as sustainable tourism efforts keep Jolly Pirates on top as a favorite, must-do activity. Join the fun by enjoying a Jolly Pirates snorkeling cruise, raising a toast in a recyclable cup, and making an indelible memory of a fantastic Aruba stay.


Captain Ron

Cartagena, Colombia

Under the expert guidance of Captain Ron, at the helm for nearly twenty years you can bet your golden doubloons,  Captain Ron makes your Jolly Pirates experience worth writing home about, Matey.

From his high – flying tumbles to a full day trajectory and a range of all-inclusive cruises and popular activities to suit all tastes,  Captain Ron’s swashbuckling,  pirate-style rope swinging talents combined with the opportunity to eat, drink, and be merry at sea, will keep tourists returning each year and recommending his cruises to friends and family.  Plunging into the Caribbean Sea aboard a snorkel trip with Captain Ron is considered one of Aruba’s best excursions.

Captain Julio

Cartagena, Colombia

As part of the company’s original crew, Captain Julio has been keeping spirits buoyed,  literally performing flips aboard the Jolly Pirates twin schooners for well over twenty years.

His fleet includes two well -known replica gaffed rigged schooners,  each handcrafted in Brazil and bedecked in teak and mahogany hardwoods.  A skilled mariner and devotee of traditionally rigged craft, it was Captain Julio who sailed the impressive 85-foot schooners 3,800 nautical miles to Aruba.  Originally from Cartagena, Colombia, Captain Julio is one of the Jolly Pirates, most requested crew members and he makes it his business to keep his ships full of delighted guests.

Captain Edwin

Trujillo, Peru

The most memorable day of your Aruba vacation will be your Sail and Snorkel Aruba experience with the capable hands of Captain Edwin of Peru behind the ship’s wheel.  For nearly twenty years the Jolly Pirates reputation for outstanding hospitality and commitment can be attributed to Captain Edwin and his crew who show even landlubbers a Jolly good time.  From stem to stern  he keeps his ships impeccably maintained.  Hundreds of thousands of guests have been entertained by Captain Edwin aboard Jolly Pirates and he looks forward to reconnecting with his favorite repeat guests as much as he loves making new friends.  Jolly Pirates continues to ride high, driven by a long history of positive word-of-mouth and a lengthy list of rave reviews that often relate personal tales of outstanding, onboard experiences.

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