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Snorkeling is one of the most popular activities in Aruba. The Jolly Pirates keep it fun and will teach you in three simple steps! Once you see how easy snorkeling is, like so many others, a snorkel cruise aboard the Jolly Pirates will be the highlight of your vacation.

The Jolly Pirates crew encourages all snorkelers, regardless of their swimming ability, to wear a proper flotation device in the water. Aruba’s clear waters afford snorkelers incredible visibility.

Colorful schools of fish dart in and out of the flora and fauna in the shallow reef areas along the coastline. With a bit of practice, you will soon swim confidently among marine life that call Malmok and Boca Catalina their home. Discover the best of Aruba snorkel sites and enjoy extraordinary marine life encounters in the shallow, pristine waters.

Under the watchful eyes of experts, view the awesome 400ft WWII Shipwreck Antilla which rests gently on her port side. Immersed in WWII history, the sunken treasure is encrusted in fascinating corals with oodles of sea critters darting around.

There’s never too much of a good thing.

Meet new friends. Swing from a rope, pirate-style. Sunbathe on teak decks or enjoy the ample shade by the popular ship’s open bar. Wiggle your toes to island rhythms and get fed with our Pirates BBQ. Enthusiastic tourists have learned to appreciate the beauty of Aruba’s underwater environment aboard full-day and half-day snorkeling tours with Jolly Pirates.

Don’t forget to bring your reusable cup or purchase one at the Jolly Pirates gift shop, while the supply lasts. Jolly Pirates continues to encourage individual participation by helping to support environmental efforts with the purchase of a “Save the Reefs” bracelet and participating, together, in using reusable cups and bags.

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