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Girl doing a backflip off of the ship

Sailing and Snorkeling are the best things to do in Aruba

Jolly Pirates, well known for infectious fun during sail and snorkel cruises, has long been a favorite activity of guests on Aruba. Word-of-mouth approval has translated into online praise, and each year has brought Jolly Pirates and its crew recognition from the world’s largest travel site. Tripadvisor has ranked Jolly Pirates among the top excursions from around the world, bestowing on it its Certificate of Excellence.

The interactive crew has delighted Jolly Pirates guests for more than 20 years, ensuring that the Jolly Pirates Cruise remains the best thing to do in Aruba. Once aboard their all-inclusive tour, Aruba’s best attraction is full of interactive hijinks. “We literally perform flips in providing our guests the most memorable sail and snorkel water sports experience on the island,” explains Captain Ron. Snorkel calm reef areas by the best beaches in Aruba. When wondering what to do in Aruba, Jolly Pirates is a top choice.

Tripadvisor’s Certificate of Excellence serves as further confirmation of the winning ways of the entire high-spirited Jolly Pirates team. Of the thousands of businesses listed on Tripadvisor, only 10 percent receive this prestigious honor.

In expressing its appreciation to its guests for their continued support, Jolly Pirates offers value-added discounts on its website as well as an invitation to stop by and visit its colorful Pirate Shop at MooMba Beach (between the Holiday Inn and Marriott resorts).

Check out the tour schedule at for more information on Aruba’s most popular, entertaining, sea-bound adventure.  Jolly Pirates cruises will depart from the area by the high rise hotels. Meet up at MooMba Beach between the Marriott Resorts and all-inclusive Holiday Inn Resort.

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