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Aruba’s tourists make a difference with the “Carry Your Cup” pledge

Malmok Jolly Pirates proves eco-friendly with its invitation to its guests to participate in a #Carryyourcup Campaign.

It’s a simple concept. Help to reduce plastic waste by taking the #carryyourcup pledge. Bring your own cup or purchase a $2 Jolly Pirate reusable BPA-free option instead of using wasteful, single-use, disposable plastic.

All tourists are encouraged to join the movement to limit wasteful plastic in Aruba’s landfill and from inadvertently polluting the sea.

You can do your part to reduce waste by using a reusable cup aboard a Jolly Pirates morning or afternoon snorkel cruise or a lovely sunset sail. “If you love the ocean like we do, you naturally want to do something about it,” explain our ship captains Julio, Ron, and Edwin.

Both great-looking and durable, the Jolly Pirates BPA-free reusable cup provides an easy way to join the #carryyourcup pledge for a cleaner Aruba and a healthier environment for sea critters, fish, and wildlife.

The Jolly Pirates #carryyourcup campaign is just one of many eco-friendly ways in which the popular excursion company is striving to support more clean Aruba efforts. The Jolly Pirates team participates in Aruba Reef Care projects, beach clean-ups, and the #5minutebeachcleanup to pick up trash that others have left behind.

Purchase a souvenir cup when you visit the Jolly Pirates ticket shop at MooMba Beach. Don’t miss the boat or the discount savings on the Jolly Pirates’ new website.

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