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Fun Aruba Facts!!

For an upbeat, fun, Sail, Swim and Snorkel excursion Jolly Pirates is where its at!! On this tour you will stop at 3 great sites: Malmok, Boca Catalina and a WWII shipwreck! After you've snorkeled all the best spots and seen some really cool underwater life you've most likely worked up a bit of an appetite.. which will be wonderfully satisfied by the delicious BBQ on board! 

On the pirate ship you will also get open bar & free gear. One of the best parts of the ship is the rope swing!! The adrenaline you'll feel from swinging on the rope swing into the water will surely have you hooked. 

This is one of the most requested tours of all the Aruba Excursions. And of the the coolest parts about the trip is the Jolly Pirates talented crew, who will perform back flips off the rope swing keeping all guests on their toes!!

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