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Diving Into Aruba

My heart is in my throat and I can’t catch my breath. I’m seconds from plunging into the picturesque turquoise waters off the coast of Aruba. 

I’m mentally practicing my most creative arrangements of swear words, like Harry from Home Alone. 

Everyone around me is eager to jump in – after all, just below us we can see the well-preserved SS Antilla shipwreck. Just 55 feet below the surface, the German cargo ship rests peacefully after being scuttled (aka sunk, for us non-pirate types) in 1940. The Antilla is now home to fantastic under-the-sea wonders like brain coral, sponges, hawksbill turtles, lobster, and innumerable fish. It’s arguably the most popular diving spot in all of Aruba. 

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