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Snorkeling Aruba’s most shallow snorkel areas remarkably close to shoreline with interesting sea critters abound. And from the moment you enter the calm waters, you will swim Aruba´s turquoise paradise, equipped with mask, snorkel and fin, and feel almost a part of a different world. The residents of the tranquil, turquoise imbued world will curiously greet you.

Swim up close to the interesting marine life in and around the rocky coastline which make the area at Malmok a well visited Aruba snorkeling site. It truly takes Aruba snorkeling to a higher level. Malmok is host to fascinating marine life, which play in and around the rock formations that comprise the shoreline here.

Besides interesting topography and oodles and oodles of species of colorful fish, masses of silverside and triggerfish can typically be found. Swim Aruba waters and find yellow tang and the Queen fish, which has the color and intensity of a spark and frequents the popular Aruba snorkeling areas. Having found a safe habitat at Malmok’s shoreline, schools of tropical fish all in their colorful digs can be found along with crustaceans, sea urchins and starfish too.

Boca Catalina Reefs

Snorkelers have much to discover when taking a swim in Aruba’s Boca Catalina, a beginner snorkeler’s dream. Aruba and its snorkeling waters are shallow and protected coves offer clear visibility and calm, azure waters with comfortable depths for both advanced and beginner snorkelers alike. Here you will have the opportunity to swim in Aruba beside schools of yellow striped grunts and the colorful Sergeant – Major Damsel Fish which are plentiful.

You will enjoy Aruba snorkeling with its memorable swimming in pristine water.  Discover angel fish, bright green parrot fish and groupers that will greet you among a varied array of multi – colored tropical fish which dart in and out of the bountiful coral reefs where hundreds more fish congregate.

Bring your underwater cameras while you swim Aruba waters to capture elk coral, brain coral and barrel sponges all teeming with deep blue tangs and silvery jacks among the delicate sea fans, flora and fauna.

German Shipwreck Antilla

Rich in History, the island’s greatest Aruba snorkeling site consistently garners international recognition as the Caribbean’s finest wreck dive.

Sunk by its own Captain and Crew at the start of WWII- thus preventing it from falling into enemy hands—this 400 foot German Freighter significantly sits on the ocean floor in 60 feet of water in such a way that a portion of its hull and masts protrude impressively up and out of the sea. Snorkel Aruba waters to get close to this ship in the crystal clear quality of Aruba’s waters makes it a dream site for both divers and snorkelers. Aruba snorkeling means discovering the turquoise ocean just below the sea’s surface, and hundreds of species of fish can be seen zig-zagging in and out of the wreck, remarkably much of it still intact.

Under the watchful eyes of the expert crew, snorkeling close up to Aruba’s special ship, you will view the extraordinary coral -encrusted wreck, populated by awesome marine life which after so many years still calls the Antilla WWII Shipwreck its home.


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