Question: 1. I have made an Internet Reservation on the Jolly Pirate site, how and when will it be confirmed?

ANSWER: You can expect an email with your confirmation between 24-48 hours. During business hours, it is not uncommon to receive your confirmation within 1-2 hours.

Question: 2. Jolly Pirates Aruba, what to do when I want to know that Jolly Pirates has received my Website Reservation?

ANSWER: Once you have submitted your reservation on the Jolly Pirates Online Reservation Form, you should receive a Thank You message. Jolly Pirates Aruba knows what to do next and within 48 Hours you will receive by email, your confirmation of your date with directions on how to get to MooMba Beach, Jolly Pirates Departure area.

Question: 3. Is the Jolly Pirates Reservation Form secure?

ANSWER: YES! Our site is safe and secure.

Question: 4. When making an Online Internet Reservation on the Jolly Pirates website, when will my credit card be charged?

ANSWER: Your credit card will be charged on the day you receive your confirmation of payment.

Question: 5. Which credit cards are accepted for payment when making Online Internet Reservations?

ANSWER: The Jolly Pirates accepts Master Card, Visa and Discover.

Question: 6. How far in advance is it recommended to make my Internet Reservation?

ANSWER: To avoid disappointment, please make your reservations in advance. When have chosen the dates you would like to join us. The Jolly Pirates does not have a time limit from when you can make an Internet Reservation.

Question: 7. We are in Aruba for only one day and the Reservation form requests that I fill in an alternate date?

ANSWER: The best things to do in Aruba is if you are on a cruise ship and/or have only one day that you are able to join our cruise, please fill in the same date where the form asks you for the Preferred AND the Alternate Date. If the date you have chosen is not available you will receive a message shortly

Question: 8. Is it necessary to reconfirm my reservation when I arrive in Aruba?

ANSWER: No. Once you have received your Online Confirmation of your reservation, you are confirmed. If it is convenient you can print out your confirmation message to bring along at check – in.

Question: 9. I have heard about several discount offers available for Jolly Pirates Cruises. How do I save the most money?

ANSWER: Reserving your tickets on the Jolly Pirates Website ensures the very best discount available. You will save 12% off of your tickets when you reserve in advance, by using the Jolly Pirates Internet Reservation Form. Please understand that other discount and savings offers, may not be combined. Reserving online with the Jolly Pirates Website Reservation Form will give you the most savings.

Question: 10. Are the Jolly Pirates Tours appropriate for Children?

ANSWER: Children of all ages are appropriate and welcome aboard all Jolly Pirates Cruises. Children up to 4 years of age will be complimentary guests. Children 5 - 10 ten years old will be charged only 50% of the tour price. When you fill in the appropriate boxes on the Online Reservation Form you will be charged correctly.

Question: 11. Can I also make Private Charter Reservations online by using the Internet Reservation Form?

ANSWER: Because requests and needs will vary, it is best to use the Contact Form to send in your query about Private Charter Quotations.

Question: 12. Can I renew my wedding vows aboard the Jolly Pirates Ships?

ANSWER:  Want to do something original and thought to yourself: I love Aruba, but What to do? Vow renewals are a popular trend aboard the Jolly Pirates Ships. At no additional fee the Jolly Pirates Captains can include a light-hearted, fun ceremony right aboard any cruise of your choice. You can choose to surprise your spouse or plan with the Jolly Pirates in advance. It truly is one of the best things to do in Aruba

If you are looking for a more personal vow renewals with your own guest list, please send us a message and we would be happy to arrange this for you.

Question: 13. Can I get married aboard the Jolly Pirates Ships?

ANSWER: Civil marriages are possible in Aruba and legally must take place at the Civil Town House. Couples may also arrange a romantic celebration on the Jolly Pirates Ships.
-Click here for more information-
Rehearsal parties and other Bridal Theme trips can be arranged as well.

Question: 14. How do we find the Jolly Pirates Departure Point?

ANSWER: The Jolly Pirates Ships depart from the area at MooMba Beach. MooMba Beach is located in Palm Beach by the high rise hotels and just between the Holiday Inn and the Marriott Resorts. When reaching this beach, no need to ask: Aruba, what to do? You will see the large thatched roof tops at MooMba. Our guests meet us just beside the MooMba Bar at our Skull and Crossbones Pirate Shop. From most of the high rise hotels you can walk to MooMba Beach. 

Question: 15. What is the Jolly Pirates Refund Policy?

ANSWER: Jolly Pirate cruises are non – refundable.

-There will be no refunds for passengers that are “no-shows” on the day of their trip.

-There will be no refunds for over sleeping, sunburns, change of heart or good/bad luck in the casino, or simply deciding there were other things to do in Aruba.

-By Management’s discretion, an exception can occur in the circumstance only of a medical type emergency.

-In the unlikely event of bad weather, if the ship experiences technical problems or for any circumstance your cruise would be cancelled you would receive a full refund. In the unlikely event that your cruise ship arrived late in Port or not at all, your credit card will be refunded.

Question: 16. What is included in the Jolly Pirates Barbeque offered on the Sail, Snorkel, Swim and Swing Cruises?

ANSWER: Chicken, Ribs, Potato Salad, Caribbean Rice, Plantain, Fresh Fruit Slice and Rolls.*

*menu is subject to slight modification pending availability

Question: 17. Do you offer a variation of the BBQ which will work with my dietary needs and / or food allergies?

ANSWER: When given advance notice, we can organize most anything with our Catering Team.

Question: 18. Do you offer Vegetarian Meals?

ANSWER: Yes. When given advance notice, the Jolly Pirates can arrange for a meal of Vegetarian Bean and Cheese Burritos with Guacamole, Tomato Salsa and Mexi Rice.

Question: 19. What does Open Bar mean?

ANSWER: There is no charge for unlimited drinks in the bar.

Question: 20. Which Snorkel Sites do you visit?

ANSWER: On the Jolly Pirates Snorkel Cruises you will visit the shallow reefs at Boca Catalina and Malmok. The 400ft, WWII German Shipwreck which sits in 60ft of water will be a snorkel visit also.

Question: 21. What Snorkeling Gear is included in the Snorkel Cruises offered aboard the Jolly Pirates?

ANSWER: Inflatable safety jackets along with Mask, Snorkel and Fins are included.

Question: 22. Is there shade aboard?

ANSWER: Yes, there is an enormous shade awning canopy on the ship which provides shelter from the sun and cushioned seating for your comfort.

Question: 23. Is the Rope Swing offered on all of the Jolly Pirates Cruises?

ANSWER: Yes! We believe the Rope Swing is truly one of the most fun things  to do in Aruba!  

Question: 25. Are there restrooms aboard your ships?

ANSWER: Yes, there are two restrooms aboard.

Question: 26. I forgot to pick up a Souvenir Jolly Pirate Tee Shirt. Can you mail one for me?

ANSWER: Sorry, at this time we are not offering this service.


If you have any specific questions about Jolly Pirates Aruba please call us.

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